Car theft at all time high in Manchester

Over the last four years, car theft has risen by over 80% in Manchester and Lancashire.

The value of cars is so tempting for budding thieves who often sell cars valued at £35,000 for as little as £1,000.

vehicle scrapped after stolen and recovered

Computerised vehicle security systems are vulnerable to the latest software’s and a car can be stolen in less than 90-seconds. In part, therefore car crime has risen so much over recent times. See Autoblog for more information.

Manchester is not alone. Bristol, London, Birmingham and Cardiff have all seen steep rises in cars being robbed from the roadside or domestic driveways.

Recent stats

According to stolen car check experts CarVeto, in 2018, over 7,500 vehicles were stolen across Great Manchester.

Furthermore, 6% of thefts resulted in dangerous activities including damage to property, injury and/or dangerous driving; commonly known as aggravated car theft. See Honest Johns’ article for more information

Suspects and prosecution rates

Over 75% of all thefts during 2018 resulted in no further action taken, due to lack of evidence. It means that the lion’s share of thieves have the continued opportunity to break the law with seemingly no consequences.

Regions such as Rochdale top the charts in car theft with almost 800 missing vehicles in 2018, which turns out to be almost double national averages.

What can you do to protect your vehicle?

All the obvious like parking in a secure area, using a garage if you have one and owning the best car security systems on the market.

But good old steering lock devices are a huge deterrent to today’s tech savvy thieves. This simple device will take so long to remove that your car is likely to be left alone.

Got any other tips to keeping your car safe and sound?

The guys and gals at Barca NQ

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Getting married or having a party?

So, you’ve found the man or women of your dreams. You’ve done the deed and ask for marriage and a lifelong partnership.

vintage photo booth couple at wedding

Next, you make arrangements and plan the wedding. Venues, invitations, balloons, people, alcohol, food and flowers.

What else could there be to do. Ah, I hear you utter, ‘entertainment’. But you really want to wow your guests and offer them something new, exciting and memorable.

Photobooths are the rage right now. You have probably come across them before but have you ever had a go?

Booths are enormous fun with types including Modern, Retro, Kiosk, Novelty and Vintage.

For us UK’ers, there is a lot of choice. Here are Barcelona NQ, we’d shout out Booth 19 (yep, a funky name) who have tonnes to offer in the photo booth space. Their primary offering is Retro or Vintage booths and include day hire, props, delivery and and huge, memorable experience for you and your guests.


Hotels and stately homes are popular venues for couples looking to get married. Trending in 2020 are marquees that provide unending flexibility when it comes to the look and feel of the big day. Plus, you can save a lot of money. See firms like Marquee Vision (a bit South of our Manchester eatery) who now serve Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire. I’m sure they’ll consider Lancashire if you mention that Barcel NQ recommended you!…

So what are you waiting for?

Hit them up on the link above or call them now 01793 780 370.

Happy weddings…
The punks at Barca

Eatery Scandals 

Car Boom or UK Bust?

whatever happens, We’ll keep serving great food

As part of Barcelona NQ’s gossip blurb we have overheard much chatter in the eatery of further financial downturns in the UK’s economy. But, instead of poor lending in the housing sector it’s new car dealers that may be held accountable.

Cheap finance has underpinned much of the UK’s boom and growth during recent years and the motor industry has seen a huge benefit in sales.

car finance image for the UK

Ultra low cost car finance loans including hire purchase, PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) and lease plans have all contributed to significant rises.

The motoring finance sector appear confident that mega low loan rates, that are accounting for a staggering 81% of all new vehicle registrations (known as PCP), are indeed a solid way for funding new vehicles. Claims are that poor credit/sub prime car lending accounts for just 4% of today’s market and that the motoring sector will be able to manage destabilisation further down the road.

But some industry experts seem unconvinced and claim that the pure volumes of lending for new cars will lead to vulnerabilities, increased lending rates and rises in unemployment.

Twenty years ago a car dealer would earn most of their money from the sale of the car but the millennials demographic now support multiple income streams for new car dealers. Finance packages, up sells, warranties, paint protection insurance and breakdown covers are all part of the modern car sale and many dealers claim to have never had it so good.

Remember, if you are buying a used car you will need a car history check. This YouTube car video will show you how to get a car check for free.

Will massive lending lead to future economic downturns? Mix Brexit into the food mix and it makes for interesting times. One thing is for sure, boom or bust, Barcelona NQ will continue to serve some of the best food in Manchester.

Improving workplace interior design with planning

This is a contributor post entry from a UK office design and fit out company based in Bristol and Cardiff South Wales.

“For us, every customer is unique and gives us specific challenges that allow us to demonstrate our skills in office design and fit out.”

A solution that strengthens your organization’s corporate identity

When we partner with a new brand, we assume intentions and the profile the company wants to create. To this we add our years of knowledge and experience and together we determine the orientation and profiling.


By analyzing and identifying your company’s core values and structure, we create a solution that  strengthens corporate identity.

Different types of projects

We work with both large and small projects, by complementing the existing fittings to complete turnkey solutions in the office, hotel and restaurant environments, and private interiors.
We gladly arrange mediation of contact with architect’s office, special carpentry, etc. who we work with to provide you with the highest level of service.

Security of experienced fitters

Our technicians have extensive experience in all of our suppliers’ product range which gives you security and ensures quality.

total Solutions

If you so wish, we offer a total solution with interior design floor plans, 3D visualization workstations, collage with the selection of furniture, rugs, lighting, curtains and decoration. We work both in teams and individually, where we face each project with expertise, to bring you the best solution for your company’s needs.

Creating a good working environment

More companies are realizing the importance of retaining talented employees and what properly designed working environment can do to attract competent staff and to create increased job satisfaction. Market trends show that talented employees have other requirements in the workplace to which employees “feel” a belonging and identity with the company as one of today’s most important “feelings”. With this as our starting point, we  develop the right conditions to create an interior that enhances your company’s identity and experience of the profile you want to convey to your customers.

Identity Formation workplace environments is a strategic tool to increase efficiency, individual performance, positioning, and provide space for innovation.

Dockside Cafes to Replicate Foreign Shores

As so many warmer coastal climates have docks and boating areas they are a natural hotspot for cafes, bars and restaurants to reside. Immense footfall from holiday makers and locals contribute to busy seaside bars. But now the UK is adopting a similar model, even if our weather is something to be desired.

Popular seaside towns like Brighton and Weymouth have always been a popular destination for UK holiday makers, but now we are seeing a spike in dockside bars and restaurants in coastal towns along the Welsh coast and South England coastlines.

image of bars and restaurants on the coast

With a falling pound and uncertainty in our economy more and more UKers are opting to holiday at home. This is a great boost for our local economies and in particular, seaside towns.

Cafes, bars and restaurants that are lucky enough to be positioned on our coasts are enjoying more business as a result.

It’s not only bars and cafes that are enjoying a spike in business. Boat trip operators, marine companies, yacht management companies and diving schools are reporting growth across the summer of 2016.

So, Brexit may be a tenuous subject but some businesses are already enjoying huge financial benefits.

Ok, Barcelona NQ isn’t be the sea but we still want to see our industries grow and blossom.

By the way, if you’re in Manchester any time soon and want kick ass coffee or delicious hot meal please drop in and see us. If you mention this blog post we’ll even through you a 10% discount!

Barcelona NQ.

6 Tips for Finding the Best Restaurant

Whether you are travelling, have recently moved, or are simply looking to try something different to eat that is close to home, there are a few foolproof tricks designed to help you find the best restaurants in the area. Let’s get started.

Look for crowds of locals.
This is actually pretty obvious. When a restaurant is crowded with locals, you can almost always guarantee the food is great. However, be sure you aren’t simply looking at a crowd of travellers who appreciate a cheap meal. If a restaurant is filled completely with tourists, keep moving until you find one filled with people who are on their lunch break or heading home from work.

funky cafe image

Check out smartphone apps and websites.
One of the best, and easiest, ways to find a good restaurant is by checking with Yelp, TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon, etc. Most people have no problem telling you exactly how they felt about their meal and their experience overall. Just be sure to consider how many reviews a restaurant has compared to its ranking.

Be sure to find a “Best of” guide that has been produced locally.
Today, many larger cities run a “Best of” issue annually, whether it is in in a local daily or weekly newspaper or a magazine that focuses on the particular city you are in. “Best of” guides tend to be voted on by locals, which means you will likely get insight into locally owned restaurants that may be off the beaten track or a simple hole in the wall that you would normally pass right by. If you can’t find a printed guide, look for archives online.

Do Entrepreneurs and Freelancers do any work there?
Good food and funky atmospheres attract hordes of self employed workers to spend their breakfasts and lunchtimes at great bars and restaurants. When you walk in do you see laptops open or professionals conducting business meetings? If you do it’s a good sign of popularity and a worthwhile establishment. UK firms like Meanwhile Creative Bristol offer studio and desk spaces as an alternative, but cafes, bars and restaurants are another popular route for todays business people.

in a bar on a laptop working as freelancers

Alternatives of office space

Ask the people who know the streets best: cab drivers and cops.
There are two groups of people who know more about what is going on in a city than anyone else…cab drivers and cops. When you are looking for the best restaurant in the area, they are the ones to ask. If you are out shopping and looking for some place to grab a bite to eat nearby, ask employees in the store. They’ll know the best places to go in the area.

Turn to Zagat for help.
The Zagat website is broken down by city and gives you lists of the best places to eat based on what locals have to say. As an added bonus, there are a wide array of categories, such as best brunch, best burger, best cheap eats, and much, much more, that allow you to narrow down your choices based on what you are in the mood for.

Visit Chowhound.
Created by people who love to eat, Chowhound is designed to help other foodies find the best restaurants in a certain area. There are online communities, forums, where you can ask for suggestions instead of having to look through archived posts and conversations to find just the kind of restaurant you are looking for.

While finding the best restaurant to eat at will take a little bit of work on your part, the results will be well worth it.


Signs That You’ve Found the Best Bar in Ibiza

In Ibiza, there is no shortage of bars to choose from, which means there is almost always somewhere to get a drink. While a wide selection of options is usually a good thing, it also means there is a chance that you might be walking into a bar that is subpar. To greatly reduce the chances of making this mistake, here are several things to look for that indicate you are in one of the best bars in the area.

best drinking place in Ibiza
Look at how many types of beer they offer, as well as how many tap handles they have.
A great bar has an extensive selection of beer to choose from, including domestic, foreign, and crafted. The same applies to taps. They will also have an array of tap options to choose from that gives you the opportunity to select from only the highest quality draught beers in Ibiza.

Don’t forget to consider what spirits they offer.
When it comes to spirits, a great bar has all the basics available. From vodka and rum to tequila and whiskey, they have everything you could possibly need to make even the most obscure drink. Of course, they have well brands, along with premium and super-premium brands available.

Check out the bartender’s body language.
An expert bartender knows exactly what are they doing and manages to do it, all while maintaining eye contact with the person they are speaking to and carrying on a conversation. It’s not unusual for a great bartender to manage to keep their patrons somewhat entertained by keeping the conversation going or cracking jokes at the same time they are mixing drinks. In most cases, it is pretty obvious whether a bartender is or is not comfortable running the bar and engaging with patrons. When you run across this type of bartender, you will know you are in one of the best bars in town.

Ask for a drink list.
The best bars have an actual drink menu for you to look at, instead of just a chalkboard overhead that is almost impossible to see.

Get a look at their barware.
If you come across a bar that uses the same type of mug or pint for every drink, it is time to move on. Glassware is more important than you might think, both aesthetically and in regards to aromatics. For example, Martinis and Cosmopolitans should be served in a 3 to 6 oz. cocktail glass so that you can really enjoy the taste and scent, while an Old Fashioned or White Russian should be served in a lowball glass. Top bars understand the importance of glassware and make sure they have a wide assortment of glassware to choose from.

Check out the clientele.
If you are heading out to a watch sports, you’ll want to look for a sports bar with a raucous crowd that you can fit right in with. If you are planning on dancing throughout the evening, you will want to look for a bar that has music, preferably live.

London Calling – Searching for the Best Café in London?

Thanks to the wide array of cafés to choose from in London, there is always a place to go for a delicious traditional English breakfast, a scrumptious scone or cupcake, a steaming cup of coffee, or simply a fulfilling sandwich. So, with all of these options available, how do you know which one is the best? After all, you don’t want to waste money on a meal that is just so-so when you can get one that is absolutely fantastic. Here are a few tips designed to help you find the best cafes in London.

Look for a café with an almost constant grinding sound.
If a café doesn’t serve anything else, it will serve coffee. The grinding sound lets you know that a café is determined to use only the freshest ground coffee. You won’t have to worry about stale expresso here and in most cases, the need for high-quality ingredients will transfer to other things in the café as well.


Opt for cafes that use fresh ingredients.
Just as fresh coffee beans are important, freshness is crucial for other ingredients as well. From fresh mushrooms and bell peppers in their omelettes to sandwiches topped with crisp lettuce leaves and a perfectly ripened tomato, food is always better when the ingredients are fresh. This also applies to the meats used in sandwiches. Meats that are roasted and cut in house are going to look and taste better than anything prepackaged. When cafes are committed to using the freshest possible ingredients, they are almost always one of the best cafes in the area.

Look for cafes who bake their own goods.
From breads and muffins to pies and pastries, the best cafes bake these foods in-house, getting their well before the sun rises and using their own trusted recipes. If you are not certain whether or not a café makes their own bread, pay attention to how the café smells. The aroma of homemade bread is one of the most enticing smells you will ever run into and is a good sign that the food you are about to eat is delicious.

Choose cafes with limited menu options.
The better the café, the smaller the menu will be. While you do want a menu with some variety, too many options are never a good sign. In most cases, cafes with a smaller menu tend to have making the dishes they offer down to a science and are able to prepare them as they are ordered. When a menu is longer, not only is it more likely you are going to receive food that has been frozen at some point, but it is also almost impossible to perfect everything on it.

In London, the impressive selection of cafes ensures that you always have access to outstanding coffee and food. Just don’t make the common mistake of walking into the first one you see. Instead, look out for the signs of a good café discussed above. These are the cafes you want to try.