Dockside Cafes to Replicate Foreign Shores

As so many warmer coastal climates have docks and boating areas they are a natural hotspot for cafes, bars and restaurants to reside. Immense footfall from holiday makers and locals contribute to busy seaside bars. But now the UK is adopting a similar model, even if our weather is something to be desired.

Popular seaside towns like Brighton and Weymouth have always been a popular destination for UK holiday makers, but now we are seeing a spike in dockside bars and restaurants in coastal towns along the Welsh coast and South England coastlines.

image of bars and restaurants on the coast

With a falling pound and uncertainty in our economy more and more UKers are opting to holiday at home. This is a great boost for our local economies and in particular, seaside towns.

Cafes, bars and restaurants that are lucky enough to be positioned on our coasts are enjoying more business as a result.

It’s not only bars and cafes that are enjoying a spike in business. Boat trip operators, marine companies, yacht management companies and diving schools are reporting growth across the summer of 2016.

So, Brexit may be a tenuous subject but some businesses are already enjoying huge financial benefits.

Ok, Barcelona NQ isn’t be the sea but we still want to see our industries grow and blossom.

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