Improving workplace interior design with planning

This is a contributor post entry from a UK office design and fit out company based in Bristol and Cardiff South Wales.

“For us, every customer is unique and gives us specific challenges that allow us to demonstrate our skills in office design and fit out.”

A solution that strengthens your organization’s corporate identity

When we partner with a new brand, we assume intentions and the profile the company wants to create. To this we add our years of knowledge and experience and together we determine the orientation and profiling.


By analyzing and identifying your company’s core values and structure, we create a solution that  strengthens corporate identity.

Different types of projects

We work with both large and small projects, by complementing the existing fittings to complete turnkey solutions in the office, hotel and restaurant environments, and private interiors.
We gladly arrange mediation of contact with architect’s office, special carpentry, etc. who we work with to provide you with the highest level of service.

Security of experienced fitters

Our technicians have extensive experience in all of our suppliers’ product range which gives you security and ensures quality.

total Solutions

If you so wish, we offer a total solution with interior design floor plans, 3D visualization workstations, collage with the selection of furniture, rugs, lighting, curtains and decoration. We work both in teams and individually, where we face each project with expertise, to bring you the best solution for your company’s needs.

Creating a good working environment

More companies are realizing the importance of retaining talented employees and what properly designed working environment can do to attract competent staff and to create increased job satisfaction. Market trends show that talented employees have other requirements in the workplace to which employees “feel” a belonging and identity with the company as one of today’s most important “feelings”. With this as our starting point, we  develop the right conditions to create an interior that enhances your company’s identity and experience of the profile you want to convey to your customers.

Identity Formation workplace environments is a strategic tool to increase efficiency, individual performance, positioning, and provide space for innovation.