Getting married or having a party?

So, you’ve found the man or women of your dreams. You’ve done the deed and ask for marriage and a lifelong partnership.

vintage photo booth couple at wedding

Next, you make arrangements and plan the wedding. Venues, invitations, balloons, people, alcohol, food and flowers.

What else could there be to do. Ah, I hear you utter, ‘entertainment’. But you really want to wow your guests and offer them something new, exciting and memorable.

Photobooths are the rage right now. You have probably come across them before but have you ever had a go?

Booths are enormous fun with types including Modern, Retro, Kiosk, Novelty and Vintage.

For us UK’ers, there is a lot of choice. Here are Barcelona NQ, we’d shout out Booth 19 (yep, a funky name) who have tonnes to offer in the photo booth space. Their primary offering is Retro or Vintage booths and include day hire, props, delivery and and huge, memorable experience for you and your guests.

So what are you waiting for?

Hit them up on the link above or call them now 0117 332 0091.

Happy weddings…
The punks at Barca

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