Signs That You’ve Found the Best Bar in Ibiza

In Ibiza, there is no shortage of bars to choose from, which means there is almost always somewhere to get a drink. While a wide selection of options is usually a good thing, it also means there is a chance that you might be walking into a bar that is subpar. To greatly reduce the chances of making this mistake, here are several things to look for that indicate you are in one of the best bars in the area.

best drinking place in Ibiza
Look at how many types of beer they offer, as well as how many tap handles they have.
A great bar has an extensive selection of beer to choose from, including domestic, foreign, and crafted. The same applies to taps. They will also have an array of tap options to choose from that gives you the opportunity to select from only the highest quality draught beers in Ibiza.

Don’t forget to consider what spirits they offer.
When it comes to spirits, a great bar has all the basics available. From vodka and rum to tequila and whiskey, they have everything you could possibly need to make even the most obscure drink. Of course, they have well brands, along with premium and super-premium brands available.

Check out the bartender’s body language.
An expert bartender knows exactly what are they doing and manages to do it, all while maintaining eye contact with the person they are speaking to and carrying on a conversation. It’s not unusual for a great bartender to manage to keep their patrons somewhat entertained by keeping the conversation going or cracking jokes at the same time they are mixing drinks. In most cases, it is pretty obvious whether a bartender is or is not comfortable running the bar and engaging with patrons. When you run across this type of bartender, you will know you are in one of the best bars in town.

Ask for a drink list.
The best bars have an actual drink menu for you to look at, instead of just a chalkboard overhead that is almost impossible to see.

Get a look at their barware.
If you come across a bar that uses the same type of mug or pint for every drink, it is time to move on. Glassware is more important than you might think, both aesthetically and in regards to aromatics. For example, Martinis and Cosmopolitans should be served in a 3 to 6 oz. cocktail glass so that you can really enjoy the taste and scent, while an Old Fashioned or White Russian should be served in a lowball glass. Top bars understand the importance of glassware and make sure they have a wide assortment of glassware to choose from.

Check out the clientele.
If you are heading out to a watch sports, you’ll want to look for a sports bar with a raucous crowd that you can fit right in with. If you are planning on dancing throughout the evening, you will want to look for a bar that has music, preferably live.