Car theft at all time high in Manchester

Over the last four years, car theft has risen by over 80% in Manchester and Lancashire.

The value of cars is so tempting for budding thieves who often sell cars valued at £35,000 for as little as £1,000.

vehicle scrapped after stolen and recovered

Computerised vehicle security systems are vulnerable to the latest software’s and a car can be stolen in less than 90-seconds. In part, therefore car crime has risen so much over recent times. See Autoblog for more information.

Manchester is not alone. Bristol, London, Birmingham and Cardiff have all seen steep rises in cars being robbed from the roadside or domestic driveways.

Recent stats

According to stolen car check experts CarVeto, in 2018, over 7,500 vehicles were stolen across Great Manchester.

Furthermore, 6% of thefts resulted in dangerous activities including damage to property, injury and/or dangerous driving; commonly known as aggravated car theft. See Honest Johns’ article for more information

Suspects and prosecution rates

Over 75% of all thefts during 2018 resulted in no further action taken, due to lack of evidence. It means that the lion’s share of thieves have the continued opportunity to break the law with seemingly no consequences.

Regions such as Rochdale top the charts in car theft with almost 800 missing vehicles in 2018, which turns out to be almost double national averages.

What can you do to protect your vehicle?

All the obvious like parking in a secure area, using a garage if you have one and owning the best car security systems on the market.

But good old steering lock devices are a huge deterrent to today’s tech savvy thieves. This simple device will take so long to remove that your car is likely to be left alone.

Got any other tips to keeping your car safe and sound?

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